About Me

My passion for makeup began as a child.  I started doing my friends makeup just for fun when I was in middle school.  By high school my friends were booking me for proms and special events.  When I told my parents I wanted to be a makeup artist, they laughed.  I didn’t think much of their disapproval because even I thought it sounded a little weird.  Who makes a living doing other people’s makeup?!??  However, in the back of my mind I always wondered who got to do all the actors and actresses makeup on TV and in movies, but I had no idea if someone called a makeup artist even really existed.  I also had no idea millions of others had my same desires;-)

So, I like a good kid I went to college.  While I was in college my parents, being the amazing parents they are, tried to help me pick a major.  I remember them saying, “Just study fashion, it’s almost the same thing.”  I loved college and am so happy to have a graduated at the top of my class with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Art History.  I learned a lot, including that both fields are similar…but, not quite the same.

Several years went by and as luck would have it I began to manage a major national salon and spa.  As a part of my job I over saw the makeup artists…needless to say sparked an old flame inside.  I quickly began to watch and shadow all of the makeup artists whenever I could.  I needed to learn, I was not in high school anymore and I had years of knowledge to catch up on!

I quickly learned there was a thing called a PHOTO SHOOT, where you got to do artistic makeup on beautiful (and TALL, I’m only 4’10) women and dress them in designer clothing!!  I was hooked!

In my quest to expand my knowledge and my desire to be the best, I began to do some research on makeup schools.  On my quest and thirst for knowledge I flew out to California to see for the first time what I call the birth place of all makeup…aka Hollywood!  From there I chose a makeup school, MUD (The Make Up Designory) in Burbank California and studied both beauty and special effects.

With makeup I have had the most amazing opportunities become available to me.  I was able to do a summer long promotional and demonstration tour with a nation cosmetics line, I have been a part of numerous films and photo shoots and have owned my own salon in Los Angeles, CA.  My work has been published by Schiffer’s Emerging Fashion Designers for designer Kendra McCullough, in Angeleno and DC Magazine, on Vogue On-line and I am IMDB accredited under the name Caron Wynn.  Now I am the Director of Makeup Education for DSI, Dermal Science International, an accredited beauty academy in Reston, VA for their internationally certified makeup courses.  In addition I am a video host and beauty blog writer.

To see my work please go to www.makeupbycaron.com or www.themakeupmix.com